Heroic 13-Year-Old Boy Dives Into The Sea To Rescue His Firefighter Dad

Date October 9, 2018 18:17

A teenage boy has proven himself to be a real hero when he jumped to rescue his father and saved his life.

Paul Rowlands is a firefighter who is used to being the one who does the rescue. But when he found himself in trouble, it was his 13-year-old son who saved his life. 

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The father and son were stranded at sea when their kayak capsized. They both had to swim to a rock to wait for help. However, Paul passed out and fell back into the freezing water before they reached their destination.

When Joe, his son, was safely onthe rock, he realized his dad was not with him. He jumped back into the sea and miraculously managed to drag his father to safety. After that, he began performing CPR on Paul until the older man regained consciousness.

Joe and Paul had to spend two and a half hours huddled together until they were rescued by a coastguard helicopter.

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In a footage made available to BBC, viewers could see the moment where the crew from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution arrived at the scene and found father and son. 

Paul later revealed that he thought he and his son would die after they decided to jump into the sea from the kayak. It seemed their only chance of survival was to swim to the nearest rock which was a distance away. 

He recalled that he passed out several times as they swam and, at one point, when he saw Joe sitting on the rock, he was relieved that his son was safe. He felt himself getting weak and was ready to give up.

But before that happened, Joe had realized his father was in trouble and bravely returned to drag him to safety.

After Joe rescued his dad, he had to keep shouting to keep him awake as they waited to be rescued.

Joe also saved my life that day and was extremely courageous in a life and death situation. I know I can never really repay him for saving my life and I’m extremely proud of him.

What a brave young man. It took some extra strength for him to be able to save his dad that day, considering how weak he must have been from swimming. His act was impressive indeed. 

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