They Surprised Their Parents With A Final Anniversary Dinner, As Their Dad Doesn't Have Much Time Left

Date September 14, 2018

Losing a parent is very hard, regardless of your age, or theirs. Sadly, it's simply a fact of life. But some people get the chance to make memories before that time comes so they can sat their final goodbyes amidst smiles. So, instead of focusing on the impending departure, they choose to take complete advantage of every second they have left. 

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A special dinner

Sharing her story with LoveWhatMatters, Carrie Vessels revealed that her parents, Ronnie and Carol Bell, were in an accident two years ago. While getting treated, it was discovered that her dad had lung cancer. Chemo and radiation did not work so, on August 13th, this year, he decided to go on hospice care in his home.

Carrie said she had spent most of her life being awed by the love her parents shared. 

My mom tries to not cry in front of him. Many times I find her crying outside or in the bathroom. She knows he is going soon and her heart hurts so much.

Carrie and the rest of the family decided to plan one special anniversary for Ronnie and Carol, which would very likely be their last. They went all out by decorating the table with flowers and pictures. They also served the couple's favorite meal. 

For dinner music, they chose the song that marked the couple's first dance at their wedding. 

‘Close Enough to Perfect For Me’ by Alabama. When they saw it, they were very surprised. He sure did smile, while of course mom cried. It was a special moment. We all went outside and let them have their private anniversary dinner.

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Carrie and her siblings have chosen to simply feel blessed for the time they have with their dad. 

"You can tell it's getting closer"

Speaking to Inside Edition, Carrie revealed that they wanted their parents to have a special anniversary, an occasion unmarred by the thoughts and discussions of death.

You can tell it’s getting closer to his time. My mom is just taking it one day at a time. She cries a lot.

Carrie also added that one of the things that have made her parents' marriage last so long is that they put each other first. In addition, they do everything together. Even though they have been together for decades, they still kiss and hug regularly. 

We bet that dinner was very emotional for Ronnie and Carol, but the memories they made will always be cherished. 

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