'You Are So Beautiful!" Boy Serenades His Baby Sister To The Little One's Sheer Delight

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August 14, 2018 15:49 By Mambee

We cannot get enough of adorable moments between kids. That's why this video absolutely warms our hearts. 

Promoting sibling love

There's nothing more beautiful to a parent than seeing their children getting along just beautifully. The good news is that there are things you can do to foster this closeness between your kids. 

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Psychologist and author Laura Markham, Ph.D., wrote an article for Psychology Today in which she says that one of the best ways to encourage your children to be close is to let them nurture each other. Instead of jumping in all the time when one of them needs comforting, stay back and give the sibling a chance to step in. 

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A sweet sibling moment

The parents of these adorable cuties must know all about allowing their children to bond without interference. In this video shared on YouTube, a little boy can be seen holding his baby sister in his arms and singing to her. 

In the short clip, the young boy began to sing Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful' as his sister laid comfortably on his lap. Within a few seconds, you could tell that the baby was loving the song and all the attention from her big brother. 

She broke into the biggest smile whenever he put his hand on her face. He serenaded the baby so beautifully that she alternated between bright smiles and adoring looks just for her very special brother.

When he was done singing, he delightedly announced his pride at being able to make the little girl happy. "Aww, she smiled!" he said, then kissed the baby on her forehead. The whole thing was just too cute for words.

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This boy's sensitivity and ability to show his love to his sister in such an amazing way makes us believe he has already become the best older brother ever. We dearly hope their bond continues to get stronger as the years go by. 

Another joyful baby being serenaded

Music has a way of reaching kids long before they can even understand the words said. In this video below, a man named Dan Fowlks serenaded his little girl by singing 'Dream Lover.'

The baby was absolutely thrilled with the whole thing. She bounced on the bed, giggled happily and rolled playfully. To her, there was nothing more wonderful than hear her dad sing. And it was just incredible to see. 

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