Woman Who Needed A Sign That Her Unborn Child Would Be Alright Claims She Saw A Crucifix In The Corner Of The Ultrasound

Date July 17, 2019

Sometimes, when things feel uncertain and out of our control, we need something to make us believe that it will all be just fine in the end. And this was exactly what mom-to-be Aley Meyer found in a snapshot of an ultrasound.

The 21-year-old could not believe it when she noticed what appeared to be an image of Jesus on a cross at the corner of her ultrasound snapshot. She chose to see it as God's way of letting her know she should not worry about the health of her baby.

Before she saw that crucifix, she was extremely concerned about her unborn child. Aley, who had Crohn's disease, was on a lot of medications that could potentially be harmful to her baby, a possibility that was, naturally, very scary.

"I feel like this is a sign," she told TODAY, as she shared how upset she had been. She revealed that the ultrasound image certainly put her "mind at ease."

Aley had just gone to the doctor after experiencing some unusual bleeding, so an ultrasound was carried out.

Fortunately, everything was fine and when a friend's mom pointed out the crucifix in the ultrasound snapshot, Aley felt even more relieved.

Aley said the first thought she had when she saw the cross was of her great-grandmother.

"I sensed she had something to do with it, too."

Aley's mom agreed that it was indeed a sign that the little baby would be perfectly fine.

Of course, there are many non-divine explanations for the image in the ultrasound. It could simply be an illusion created by the light.

But the fact remains that it brought the mom some comfort when she needed it the most.

So, at the end of the day, it's a really beautiful thing that happened to Aley, and we can all hope we get a sign like this from the universe when we need it.

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