US Couple Adopts Little African Girl. Then She Learns English And Is Able To Reveal Surprising Details About Her Family

Date April 27, 2018

Couples adopt for different reasons. It may be because they are dealing with infertility themselves and want to open their heart and home to children who need it. There are also parents who have a lot of love to give and cannot wait to have more kids through adoption.

Some celebrities like Madonna and Julia Andrews have been known to adopt African children. Since this happens between one country and another, there are specific agencies in place to make it happen. The child and prospective adoptive parents trust these agencies to bring them together with minimal problems.

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Unfortunately, there are organizations that are being dishonest with the process. One of them was the now-defunct European Adoption Consultants (EAC). This agency tricked biological parents and lied to adoptive families. They buy and sell children from countries like Uganda.

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Parents Adam and Jessica Davis were heartbreakingly affected by EAC's deceit. The couple already had four children but they were looking to adopt more. They ended up opening their home to a 5-year-old girl named Namata in 2015. EAC was in charge of bringing her to the United States.

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The agency told Adam and Jessica that Namata's father had died and her mother was neglecting and abusing her at home. The couple was deeply moved and desperately wanted to give the girl a home filled with love and proper education.

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Six months after Namata arrived, she learned some English and revealed the truth to her adoptive parents. She was not fatherless and she had a very loving family in Uganda.

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Her mother was present and devoted. The child told Jessica that she missed her biological mother back home.

Adam and Jessica were completely shocked upon hearing this. It turned out that the EAC duped both the Davis' and Namata's mother.

They told the mother that her child would be going to the US for a few years to study and the Davis' were sponsoring the education. The mother truly believed her child would return after a while.

Jessica decided that, even though they could legally keep Namata if they wanted, the girl should return home. They had the adoption papers reversed as they did not believe adoption involved something that sounded like buying a child from a store.

When this couple's story and others like it came to light, the state department shut down the EAC. 

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Source: CNN