These Girls Are Twins: They Defied All Odds By Being Born With Different Skin Colors

Date December 3, 2018

When you look at these girls, "twins" is the last word that springs to mind to describe them. Yet, Marcia and Millie Biggs are fraternal twin sisters. People get curious and surprised when they learn about it, considering they have different skin color.

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Marcia is light-haired, blue-eyed and fair-skinned. She took most of it from her mother, Amanda, born in England. Millie has dark skin and dark brown curly hair, just like her father, Michael, who is of Jamaican descent. After their birth, Marcia and Millie shared more similarities; later, their parents started to notice how different they would become. According to Michael Biggs:

The change happened with Millie first. She went darker and darker.

They live in Birmingham, England, and confess they never face racism because of their biracial family. Amanda said to National Geographic:

I would be pushing them in the pram, and people would look at me and then look at my one daughter and then look at my other daughter. And then I’d get asked the question: ‘Are they twins?’”

The girls defy the odds and put forward a challenge to our knowledge of genes and race. Geneticist Alicia Martin reveals that fraternal twins born from partners of different ancestry is not so rare. Each twin can inherit physical characteristics from only one parent.

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The Biggs family have no issues with racial diversity, they embrace their uniqueness and beauty. Marcia explains:

When people see us, they think that we’re just best friends. When they learn that we’re twins, they’re kind of shocked because one’s black and one’s white.

The girls are pretty close, even though they grow to develop different personalities and their own preferences.

While being aware of what racism is and that it hurts people, they do not allow their skin color to define them. They are proud to be who they are!

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