"He Was The Most Loved Baby In The World": Photographer Feels Grateful To Have Captured Family's Love To A Baby Born With Microcephaly

Date October 29, 2018 19:28

Is there a way to describe the way a mother looks at her newborn? What about a mom that looks at her child without knowing how much time he has left?

Little Aiden was born with microcephaly, a condition that affects brain development. His parents were expecting him to be stillborn, but the little fighter survived. During his short life, he was a beacon of love to the entire family.

Jennifer Ryals, the photographer who captured the last day of this little angel, wrote a touching post to LoveWhatMatters, sharing her emotions from a photoshoot with the family.

As soon as his mom brought him in to the room, I was immediately teary-eyed. But they weren’t tears of sadness or pity, it was genuinely pure joy. 

She says, the first moment she saw Aiden, she could not stop wondering how perfect he was.

He was so tiny. So perfect. As soon as his mom brought him into the room, I was immediately teary-eyed. But they weren’t tears of sadness or pity, it was genuinely pure joy. He was the cutest little fighter I have ever seen in my life. He had BEAUTIFUL gray eyes that he let me see for about 3 seconds, and he had the tiniest little wrinkled hands that held more experience and knowledge than the average adult.

She had a chance to capture the sweetest moments he shared with his mom, dad, and grandparents. There was so much love in every touch and every look that it was impossible to hold tears of joy.

The parents, Ricky and Kayla, were happy to gush about their little fighter. They didn’t know how much time they had, but they appreciated every second of it.

You could tell he was the most loved baby in the world, but also it hurt my heart so much to see his grandpa cry as he held him.

Ryals tells that the happy mom as glowing during the whole photoshoot. The ultimate love that radiates from these priceless shots of Kayla and baby Aiden can reach the bottom of every heart.

The day following the photoshoot, the photographer received the news that the boy had passed. But she felt she had no right to grieve.

My heart is also full with gratitude because I know I am a better person for being allowed in their home and for getting a chance to hold that perfect little boy for a while yesterday.

An emotional woman realized how lucky she was to give that last present to boy’s family – the sweet memories captured by her camera.

Although Aiden’s time was limited, he could make an impact on many lives. He was the most loved child in the world. He had the best family.

His story is worth capturing and it deserves to be remembered.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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