90-Year-Old Woman Meets Her Biological Daughter, Whom She Gave Her Up For Adoption 70 Years Ago, For The First Time

Date May 16, 2019

There are many reunion stories, which make us shed a tear of happiness or two. But there is nothing more touching than a story about a mother and daughter who met each other for the very first time in their elderly years.

A 70-year-old woman got to meet her biological mother, who had given her up for adoption right after birth. The young mom didn’t even see the baby before it was taken away from her.

Back in the 40s, adoption procedures didn’t presuppose any contact between the birth mother and her child. Now, she is screaming out of joy at being able to look at her child so many decades later.

90-year-old Elizabeth Pullen got this chance thanks to her granddaughter, Wanda LeBlanc. LeBlanc took a DNA test and accidentally found a match – Lynn Wray, a person whose name she had never heard before. Checking on Wray’s profile she learned that the woman had been adopted 70 years ago in North Carolina.

Burning with curiosity, Wanda got in touch with Lynn and found out that she had been searching for her birth mother. Baffled with these unusual circumstances, Wanda told the story to her granny. Only then Elizabeth Pullen opened up about having given a baby for adoption in the very same city Wray was born.

Both of them wanted to reunite very badly, so LeBlanc brought them together and captured their first meeting with her professional camera. It’s hard not to weep, watching their heartwarming reaction!

They were standing back to back and then turned around, enjoying the first moment their eyes met. Then, their hands reached each other and two women hugged, crying and laughing at the same time.

Wanda told Daily Mail:

My grandmother isn't in the best health and has often questioned why God has kept her on this earth - now she knows why. 

Twists of fate are unpredictable indeed! Thus, it’s never time to give up on your hopes and dreams. They will eventually come true and give life real meaning.

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