New Mother's Vitals Kept Dropping, Until A Miraculous Moment When Nurses Put Newborn On Her Chest

Date September 27, 2018

The joyful moment of giving birth to a healthy baby changed into devastating fear. A new mom’s health was failing rapidly, urging the medical staff fight for her life.

Chi Tran, a nurse from Medical City Dallas, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Eric, in the same unit where she worked. She knew she could trust the professional crew, and rely on her colleagues completely. When the labor didn’t go as planned, they all panicked.

Delivery nurse, and a close friend of Tran, Allie Jones, confessed she was seriously concerned for Chi’s life:

When it turned for the worst, it was very scary.

After the delivery, the new mom experienced severe blood loss, so she was placed in the operation room. The situation got worse and worse until it finally became life-threatening. She needed 24 units of blood, and her vitals were dangerously low.

However, when the nurses put the baby boy on her chest, a miracle happened. Within 40 minutes, the woman’s condition had improved. Later, she said it was Eric who saved her:

When he was born, I was not able to hold… I didn’t even get to see his face. First thought in my mind when I regained my consciousness was that I need my baby. He saved me. I had to pull through. I had to make it.

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact go far beyond stabilizing a baby’s condition. The early bonding helps mothers, too. Skin-to-skin interaction stimulates the release of a hormone that is responsible for uterus contractions. It means less post-partum bleeding and a faster recovery.

Tran and her baby could demonstrate how that miracle worked! When the pair paid a visit to the Hospital after the mother was fully recovered, Chi could not express her gratitude enough for how her colleagues and friends helped save her life that night!

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