Proud Parents Share A Picture Of Healthy And Thriving Daughter After Being Pressured To Terminate Pregnancy

Date July 5, 2018

Debates over abortion and choosing life have been raging for a very long time now. Due to many controversies and beliefs, there are supporters of both sides. However, we often discover that life bestows so many wonders upon us!

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Abortion is a piece of advice that prospective parents often hear from doctors who discover  abnormalities in the fetus. Predicting the disabilities of a baby, they suggest terminating life for the good of the child and parents, who would have to struggle their entire life.

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Despite the horrifying prognoses, the love blossoming in the parents’ hearts knows the answer. 7-month-old Olivia Jax's father wrote a touching post on Facebook, gushing over his healthy and happy little daughter, who would not have been born if that decision were the doctor's alone.

The doctors insisted on an abortion due to the fetus' deformed legs and arms and Trisomy 18. They assumed the baby would not survive outside the womb.

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But they would not listen! Now, the 3-year old girl is thriving. Olivia Jax’s father shared a happy update on his daughter in 2017, when she was 2: 

Stunningly smart for under 2 years old, no health issues, started gymnastics (picture attached of her at gym class), loves fries, says her prayers every night.

They chose life and were rewarded with the infinite joy of raising their baby girl.

People are often misinformed about abortion, the procedure and the consequences thereof. There is one more observation by the doctors, which is usually concealed: Any health issue with the fetus’ development tend to disappear on their own if the child is wanted and the mother has a positive set of mind. /

Parents who chose life for their babies do not regret it one bit! It’s amazing how many people were on the horns of a dilemma.

These amazing stories provide those who are yet to decide their baby’s future with hope. There is always hope! And the power of love can be stronger than any medicine in the world.  

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