The First Breastfeeding Daddy Wants To Encourage Men To Think Outside Of The Box

Date April 8, 2019 17:44

Is breastfeeding a woman’s prerogative? Yes, only women can produce breast milk. However, a new device called the Supplemental Nursing System allows anyone to “breastfeed.” Maxamillian Neubauer, a new father who welcomed a baby girl with his wife April had a chance to test it on his own. Moreover, he was enthusiastic and positive about it.

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In the viral Facebook post, the father revealed that the new mom had a complication after the C-section so she was not able to breastfeed her baby right after birth. The daddy stepped in.

Nurse Cybil Martin-Dennehy, from the Door County Medical Center, explained to Insider that she had been offering this opportunity to many fathers, however, Neubauer was the first one to agree.

The happy dad, seen in the pictures holding his baby girl close to his breast with an artificial nipple, shared several shots on Facebook. He wrote:

I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple. Being the first to breastfeed da baby!!!! “I did it for the moms” Eat your heart out!!

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The man has definitely shed light on fatherhood from a new perspective, hoping to encourage others not to be afraid to think outside of the box.

The Supplemental Nursing System was created for mothers who have problems with breastfeeding or lactation. The device gives them a chance to still enjoy the closeness with the newborn and provide the skin-to-skin contact which is so important during the first days of the baby’s life.

It is also aimed at feeding premature babies and at keeping babies with special needs at the breast.

The post of the first breastfeeding dad sparkled an immediate reaction.

Neubauer shared his views on parenting:

Sometimes dads are unsure of what their role is in the beginning, but by opening a conversation they can play an important with skin-to-skin and helping with breastfeeding. And they can experience amazing bonding with their baby.

What a great example this father has set. He is ready to invest his heart and soul into parenting! 

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