"I Was Waiting For My Baby To Cry": Newborn Dead For 8 Minutes After Birth Was Miraculously Saved By Fridge Jacket

Date May 31, 2018

While giving birth, every woman is waiting for that first cry of their baby! Newborn babies cry when they come into this world,  announcing their presence and desire to live.

For Bex Forrest, a mother from Worcester, England, the first 8 minutes after giving birth were the most terrible of her life. Her baby daughter did not cry, her heart had just stopped beating.

Forrest gave birth to her daughter Willow Rose through an emergency C-section. She was born premature, with no heartbeat at all.

In an interview to ITV, Bex revealed that: 

It was definitely the worst experience of my life. It was just horrendous. Just lying there helpless, not hearing our baby cry. Yeah - it was unbearable. 


Eventually, the doctors at the  Gloucestershire Royal Hospital could resuscitate the newborn. “It was 8 minutes until they got a heartbeat, which was extraordinary” – the father, Martin Forrest, told BBC.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

After 11 minutes the parents could breather a sigh of relief: their baby had a strong heartbeat, and that meant they had hope.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

Willow Rose came back to life, and that was already a miracle to her parents, but what came next stunned them even more.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

A special team used a revolutionary cooling therapy on the baby. They put her in a fridge jacket as the little one was moved to St Michael's Hospital in Bristol.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

The specialists cooled her body temperature to 91.4 °F for three days. During those 8 lifeless minutes, the baby’s brain did not receive any oxygen, so this procedure was necessary to prevent brain damage.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

Willow Rose turned out to be the tough girl. After the extensive therapy, she fully recovered, and she is a healthy, joyful toddler now.

Bex Louise Forrest / Facebook

“We are just so thankful that Willow pulled through and she is a strong little girl!” Martin Forrest shared. She is a strong girl indeed, and a real miracle!

Source: BBC

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