Does Love Have An Expiration Date? Woman Explains One Of The Common Reasons For Divorce And Her Bitter Truth Goes Viral

Date August 22, 2018

People fall in love and fall out of love, eventually. And when love is celebrated with a marriage, the lack of it inevitably leads to a divorce.

Why does it happen? One Tumblr user described it quite precisely; her post about her fear of falling out of love touched many people. It resulted in a viral interaction, as so many others could relate to it.

Psychologists and family therapists reveal there are 7 main reasons for people to stop working at their relationships. Mostly, these reasons relate to women and their emotional experience in a marriage.

1. Loss of emotional connection and communication

Partners do not talk much and lose the emotional connection to each other. It promotes loneliness, feelings of detachment from each other, and eventual misunderstandings.

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2. Conflicts

Women feel tired of having an argument about the same issue over and over again. They realize their helplessness to change a person’s attitude, or to reach a compromise, and give up on the marriage.

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3. Overloaded with responsibilities

According to Krstin Davin, a psychologist in New York City, women often feel they are taken for granted by their husbands. They are also stressed because of the overload of responsibilities in the marriage.

4. Intimacy problems

Most women feel unappreciated when it comes to their sex life. The problems in the bedroom leads to the emotional frustration, low self-esteem, and infidelity.

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5. Growing apart

One of the most common reasons for women to think of divorce is growing apart from their husband. This problem is especially relevant for young couples, who evolve and grow as individuals during their married life. Unfortunately, sometimes they grow toward different directions.

6. Financial reasons

Money plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and happy marriage. Different financial goals, and the efforts taken to achieve them, may come in a way of the long-lasting relationships.

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7. Emotional or physical abuse

These circumstances are hard to deal with. One of the main pieces of advice the psychologists give to the victims of toxic relationships is to run away from them.

Marriage is not only about romantic walks along the beach and stargazing. Getting married resembles establishing a company with equal partners, who must contribute and sacrifice for their success. There are many factors at play when it comes to a failed marriage, but it’s always possible to save the relationship by dedicating time and energy to it.

Source: Marriage, HuffingtonPost

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