This Is Why Kids Can't Sit Still And Focus: An Overlooked Reason For Hyper Active Behaviour

Date August 30, 2018 19:29

Parenting comes with a new level of worry. You can literary become a control freak, watching your child climb trees, playing on swings, or hanging upside down on the monkey bars. There are so many dangers in this world, but in order to make your child develop a good sense of their body and the space around them, you must relax and let them experience all those physical challenges.

Why is this so important?

Parents often complain their kids don’t listen or can’t focus. In school, they find it hard to concentrate and achieve a good academic performance. Instead, all they want to do is run, jump around, and look for trouble. Another extreme is showing no interest in outdoor activities, preferring a sedentary lifestyle in front of a screen.

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According to Occupational Therapy For Children, these 2 types of abnormal behavior may be a result of undeveloped vestibular senses. The vestibular processing system gives us information about our bodies, the motions we perform, the directions and speed we are moving with, the correlation between our bodies and space. It develops naturally for every child. From one year, when they are taking their first steps, until their 5th or 6th years of age, the child learns to coordinate their movements, keep their balance and manipulate other objects.

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The parents’ task is not to interfere in the process. “Stop”, “Do not climb, it’s too dangerous”, “Give me a hand”, “Don’t run” – we say it too often, but these restrictions can do more harm than good.

It’s crucial to let the child go through those challenges in order for them to understand their body.

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This study reveals that the vestibular system has neurological connections with many other systems in the brain. It affects the following activities: reading, writing, learning, coordinating movements, and connecting vision with motions.

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Now you know why it’s so important to let the kids explore the world and get into physical challenges that seem dangerous to you. It may be hard not to worry, but believe it or not, it’s an essential contribution to the child’s health.  

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