"Milk! Milk?": Hilarious Video Features A Hungry Toddler Looking For Food In The Bra Section

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May 18, 2018 16:55 By Mambee

Hunger leaves you little choice! This 18-month-old toddler went shopping with her family, but she felt hungry and refused to wait. Instead, she started to look for a snack on her own.

Vicky Jackson, the 35-year-old mom recorded a video of her adorable girl looking for milk in a lingerie section.

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Eva Jackson saw the bras and immediately decided that she needed to check them for milk! Her mom is giggling behind the camera as she peeps into the cups, desperately whimpering: “Milk!”

This little toddler is hilarious!

Breastfeeding in public places may be challenging, not just because of the mom’s personal feelings, but due to the lack of properly equipped places.

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Breastfeeding in public places, although considered natural in some parts of the world, is slowly but gradually becoming better accepted. It eliminates many problems, such as delaying the feeding while looking for a private spot.

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You can feed your baby anywhere and anytime, leaving him or her satisfied and happy!

Besides hunger, babies seek the feeling of safety in their mom’s breasts, especially in crowded places.

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However, not everyone is at peace with the idea of breastfeeding in public areas. All in all, it is up to every mom to decide what’s best for her and for her child.

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Little Eva Jackson decided that her life is in her own little hands, acting like a real breadwinner! There can be no doubt that her mom was able to feed her shortly after making this video!

But the fun she had watching her daughter looking for milk is hilarious! That’s amazing and we appreciate her sharing it!

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