Mom Is Angry To Breastfeed Standing Up In A Packed Train, As No One Offered Her A Seat

Date September 12, 2018

The 32-year-old mom from Essex, Kate Hitchens, raised a painful topic on her Instagram post, which is now deleted, about breastfeeding in public transport. Mother went angry and frustrated when she was forced to breastfeed her six-month-old son Charlie standing up in a packed train.

No one from the fellow passengers offered her a sit, even though Hitchens were struggling with the uncomfortable conditions. The baby was whiny at first demanding food, then he would pull the breast painfully as the train moved. On top of that, Kate felt embarrassed to expose more skin than usual to the strangers. She told MailOnline, she is always there for her son when he needs breastmilk. However, she uses a cover and tries to nurse him discreetly. In a standing position in a crowded transport, it seemed impossible.

Angry mom wrote in her post: “I could have asked, but I didn't. I felt silly. I shouldn't have to ask. Maybe some people didn't see. I know for a fact some did; they made eye contact and actually smiled at me. I was thinking to stop smiling and offer me your seat please!”

For half an hour the woman did not get any seat offer from passengers, which made her extremely upset. It’s a curious matter, why people would feel okay not to help a struggling mother? Apparently, some do not notice people who need seats more than them by having eyes glued to the screen, or being so immersed in the listening to music in earphones. Sometimes, we pretend not to notice, being afraid to step out, to become initiative or involved in any public interaction.

Kate Hitchens calls for being more attention to parents with small kids: “Next time you see someone with a child on a train - if you're able-bodied and fit and healthy please offer your seat to them!”