Baby Cries Each Time Her Daddy And Mommy Share A Kiss: A Viral Video Captured Her Reactions

Date November 27, 2018 14:36

This cute baby girl, Ella, became a YouTube star as her parents filmed her sweet reaction to their kissing. The adorable video features how jealous the baby feels when she sees mommy and daddy sharing a kiss right in front of her.  

As they slowly approach each other and then give each other a peck on the lips, with an exaggerated sound, the girl screws up her face in the loveliest way!

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Matt Hanneken / YouTube

Mom and dad may have a lot of fun teasing a daughter, but Ella does not enjoy that scene at all. Her lip starts quivering and the waterworks are on in the blink of an eye!

Matt Hanneken / YouTube

As soon as Ella calms down and seems to be happy again, her parents have another goal at each other's lips, stirring the baby's feelings up once again. 

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Matt Hanneken / YouTube

The little one is apparently jealous of her mom. Is that so unusual?

According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, it is absolutely normal and you should not be alarmed! The babies get used to the constant attention of their mothers, and they experience anxiety if she gives attention to someone else, or leave their visual field. This is part of the emotional development, and it usually happens between 8 and 12 months of age.

The same type of reaction may be observed if a mommy is playing with another newborn. As the baby demands immediate and complete attention, it’s hard for them to accept the concept of sharing. However, the parents’ task is to explain that the love for a child is not less but not more important than the love between the parents.

This feelings of jealousy will settle with time. Therefore, if you can relate to the situation, be patient and try to refrain from teasing your precious little one too much.

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