When Mommy Is Away: Father Shares A Genius "Breastfeeding" Lifehack For All Dads

Date September 18, 2018 16:40

Is there anything a dad can't do for his baby? Apparently, dads are capable of so much! They cannot produce breastmilk, but their breasts can be soothing for the babies, too! This hilarious video has gone viral in no time, as the father of an adorable baby girl shared a short video of himself "breastfeeding." 

The baby sure looked confused as she realized there was nothing coming out of that nipple. While the cute footage was more of a teasing joke, another man did come up with the breastfeeding idea. 

The father from Buffalo, Anthony Favours, and his wife, Shalanda, have 5 kids together, so when their youngest daughter, Lily’ahna, was born, he didn’t hesitate to step up in sharing parenting duties. However, he faced quite a challenge when his baby girl needed soothing and her mommy was away at work.

The 10-month-old toddler was still being fed breastmilk and refused to drink from the bottle. But, as they say, challenges create opportunities! Favours came up with a genius idea to calm Lily’ahna down. He said:

I was so relieved that I had figured something out. I felt like the best dad in the entire world.

He cut a hole in his T-shirt and placed a baby bottle underneath. Eventually, the teat of the bottle was poking out like a real nipple. The baby didn’t understand what it was at first, but then she leaned on to her dad and started drinking.

His wife could not believe he had destroyed an expensive piece of clothing, however, it was the least he cared about! It was a huge relief! Now he knew what to do with a fussy baby.

The 31-year-old dad is proud that he can be useful! It made him confident he can contribute to nursing! Being by his wife's side every day as she breastfed their children, he knows how hard it can be sometimes, especially during the teething period when a toddler can bite and pull.  Favours also admits the whole ordeal brought him much closer to his daughter.

When she looks up at me with those eyes while she is feeding I can see how much she adores me.

He is a real role model for all the fathers out there.

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