Parents Celebrate New Stage Of Life With Sweet "Empty Nest" Photos, And Go Viral Immediate


Parents Celebrate New Stage Of Life With Sweet "Empty Nest" Photos, And Go Viral Immediately

Date August 15, 2018 11:45

Raising children and then letting them their own way into their adult life may be a thrilling and an overwhelming experience, and many parents feel heart-broken and depressed in a lonely home. It’s called an empty-nest syndrome and it’s linked to a new stage of a couple's life. /

For many families,  usual daily activities seem to lack a purpose, as they were once children-oriented, so they face sadness, apathy, and social detachment. According to psychologists, other symptoms may include sleeplessness, anxiety, no sense of purpose, fatigue, and emotional distress.

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But this couple were able find a way to embrace their new lifestyle and the changes that it brings. They celebrated the “empty nest” period with a sweet photoshoot with a caption:

20 years ago we didn’t have gender reveal parties, portraits in beautiful fields with baby shoes to announce a pregnancy. Nor did we have baby photos on a blanket with a circle around a number showing how old they were. We drove our babies to sears or Olan Mills to get their photo! So in honor of our next chapter, you go!

Vicky Piper and her husband are the happy parents of three kids, but they have recently sent the last one off to college. The woman revealed to TODAY that many people have concerns about their well-being after children have left home.

We just had a different perspective about the whole thing: both kids are doing great, and they’re in college, and that’s awesome! So the bottom line is that we had a different view of that ‘empty nest.

The couple is obviously happy to have the whole house and their life all to themselves! It’s important to organize new routines and hobbies around your own interests, socialize and appreciate doing things that seemed impossible or hard with the kids around.

Does life in an empty nest exist? It definitely does, even though you may have to look for new sources of fulfilment.

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