People Heard A Baby Cry Near The Philippine Cemetery And Spotted A 2-Month-Old Left Between Two Concrete Tombs

Date March 15, 2019

Child abandonment is a grave problem in the modern world. It is connected to different social issues, such as a low standard of living, teenage pregnancies, and a lack of education. According to recent data, more than 153 million children worldwide are growing up without parents.

People Heard A Baby Cry Near The Philippine Cemetery And Spotted A 2-Month-Old Left Between Two Concrete Tombssirtravelalot /

This heart-wrenching footage, which shows an abandoned baby by the Quezon cemetery in the Philippines, cannot fail to touch people's hearts.

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The locals heard the baby crying in the morning and rushed to the source of the noise. They spotted the tiny baby lying on the ground between two concrete tombs.

Daily Mail / YouTube

He was crying hopelessly, wiggling his arms and legs, probably feeling hungry, lost and frustrated.

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He was hidden from view and, if not for the crying, there was little chance someone could have spotted him.

People picked the baby and discovered that his clothing and skin were covered in mud, however, the newborn was luckily unhurt.

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Daily Mail / YouTube

The child was taken to the Candelaria Rural Health Unit for a checkup, where a doctor revealed that the boy had been laying there for several hours. He must have been left there in the middle of the night.

Daily Mail / YouTube

Angel Castillo, one of the rescuers, shared that it’s only “through the grace of God” that the boy is safe!

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The cemetery is not a safe place, as it is full of rats and stray dogs who could have hurt the little one. The neighbors heard him just in time to save him.

Daily Mail / YouTube

Now, 2-month-old Louis is under the care of the local authorities.

Daily Mail / YouTube

His mother was identified and arrested for child abuse. Lara Sentillas is facing criminal charges for abandoning the baby by intent.

The boy has been recovering since the incident and receiving proper care from the state service. Thanks to some kind-hearted people, who happened to be near the cemetery, the baby now has a chance at life.

To prevent a child abandonment personally, you can take the following steps:

  1. Help poor families or single parents. According to the recent statistics, children grown without a father are more likely to suffer from poverty and lack of basic needs.
  2. Teach teens about the importance of gaining knowledge about sex education and family planning. Talk to your child, share the information with adolescents you know.
  3. Donate money to orphanages and special charitable organizations, which provide the necessary services.
  4. Be a volunteer, help to raise money, participate in special activities, including the governmental programs.

And the most important thing: Don't think that it's not your business. What goes around comes around.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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