Police Warn Parents About A New WhatsApp Suicide-Challenge Game That Has Already Taken Life Of A 12-Year-Old

Date August 8, 2018

The virtual world can take us away from reality so complete that we start losing ourselves. Now, parents have been receiving disturbing warnings about WhatsApp horror games, which  has been linked to the death of a 12-year-old from Argentina.

Police from several countries are afraid that the results of the horror challenge may be horrifying indeed. Previously, 130 teens from Russia committed suicide because of an online game Blue Wale. Now the Momo game was reported in Argentina, Mexico, the USA, Germany, and France. This is the Avatar of the game profile: 

The Mexican Computer Game Investigation Unit reported that the Momo game first appeared on Facebook. The player was provided with an unknown phone number to communicate with. If they refused to follow the game instructions, the Momo account would send them disturbing violent images and threats. The young victim from Argentina received the challenge to take her own life and, before doing so, she recorded the last moments of her life, leaving a warning to her own parents.

Families should be extra attentive to their children in order to avoid peer pressure and exposure to the cyber bullying. It’s important to create loving and understanding relationships with children so that they trust you and talk to you in case the danger occurs.

Antonio Guillem /

Listening, more than talking, and paying attention to mood changes and any other deviation from normal activity can be crucial. Talk to the kids about possible pressure situations and the ways in which they can avoid them.

Being a caring parent may save your child’s life!

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