Moment When 10-Year-Old Girl Finds Out She Is Going To Be Adopted: Her Tear-Jerking Reaction May Melt Your Heart

Date September 4, 2018

The tears of joy filled this 10-year-old girl’s eyes as she heard the best news in the world: She was going to be adopted. After three years in foster care, this news meant she could finally have a real family.

girl finds out she is going to be adoptedPaige Zezulka / Facebook

The heart-melting Facebook video of Ivey Zezulka’s sweet reaction can strike a nerve in everybody. The same couple adopted her siblings, Kai, 3, and Lita, 2, and as the process was finalized, the happy family of 5 can celebrate a new beginning.

They have an interesting history concerning their life-changing meeting. At first, Paige and Daniel Zezulka provided a foster home for 5-month-old Kai, having no idea the boy had an older sister. When they learned about Ivy, they started to arrange outings together, so that the siblings could communicate.

Paige told Good Morning America:

The siblings were so bonded, it was amazing. From the moment we met her we loved her.

In 2016, the couple was asked to adopt both Kai and Ivy, but at the time they didn’t know their birth mother was pregnant with another baby. In no time, they received a call – a few weeks old Lita needed a foster home, too.

Paige confessed that she had already fallen in love with Ivy, and had no hesitation in agreeing to foster Lita as well. When Kai and Lita were placed with the Zezulkas, they started to prepare for Ivy’s moving in. Despite their worries, the girl’s reaction was amazing.

The first night she moved in, she asked if she could call us mom and dad. The second day, she asked if she could stay forever.

Even though the legal procedures to officialize the adoption were not a smooth road, the Zezulkas could finally call themselves a complete family of 5! Paige feels she is very lucky and she's proud of calling those three precious kids her own now!

Instead of growing in the bosom of their families, many kids spend time under the foster care, wandering from one house to another. This couple has finally given a home for the three of them, and most importantly the love they longed for.  

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