Dad Made The Sweetest Surprise For His 2-Year-Old Daughter After Her First Round Of Chemotherapy

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August 27, 2018 12:40 By Mambee

The couple Brett and Christina Thompson, from Winder, Georgia, were devastated to find out that their baby daughter, Phoenix, had been diagnosed with leukemia, and several derived diseases, and needed intensive treatment. Despite the fear and doubts this family faced, they always tried to be the best support for the sick baby girl.

The brave patient endured multiple cancer treatments and even had to face the most severe one – chemotherapy. It is considered the most aggressive way to attack cancer cells, but along with killing the deadly disease, it can damage the whole body, especially when it comes to young children.

However, the Thompsons could not give up on Phoenix. When the first round of chemo was completed successfully, her daddy celebrated the milestone with the sweetest surprise.

Firstly, the nurse came in with a package, a present: a cute yellow princess dress. Then, Phoenix saw her daddy entering the room in an elegant black suit, as if he had dressed for a special occasion. And he had! The girl reacted in the loveliest way – she smiled and eagerly approached her dad, who lifted her up and started dancing! The mother Phoenix's mother said

He brought flowers and her princess dress and just wanted it to be special for her.

In the video caption, she proudly wrote: “I mean honestly I don’t think I could have picked a better man for my kids."

He created a happy memory for Phoenix, even within the hospital walls, letting her know that she is not alone in this journey: She is loved and appreciated.

And that is what any daughter can wish for! The video brings happy tears and inspires hopes of recovery. May eveery sick kid out there have such an amazing family support!

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