One Mom Shared A Towel Hack That Helps Put Babies To Sleep, And It's Simply Genious

Putting your infant to sleep may be a military mission. Do not worry, you are not alone. Almost every single parent suffers from sleeplessness because of their babies, but it’s always a different scenario. Whether your baby is a quick napper, anywhere-but-home sleeper or  a rocker fan, do not give up trying new strategies and tricks. One of them is introduced by a Vietnamese mom, who seemed to be the baby’s sleep sensei. She came up with a technique that requires only a towel.

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The instructions:

  1. Take the bath towel and roll it. It should feel soft to the baby’s skin. The best option is to wash it with hypoallergenic detergent beforehand;
  2. Check if your precious one has comfortable clothes on and no seam is irritating the skin. If something is bothering them, the naptime can be quite short;
  3. Position your baby comfortably on the right side;
  4. Wrap the towel roll around the baby’s body. One part of it has to go under the neck in order to support the head position. Place a piece of the towel under the left hand as if the infant is hugging the roll;
  5. You can place the towel under the left leg as well. Make sure, the towel is tucked and snuggled around the newborn.

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Now your baby is in a towel nest, and it feels safe and comfortable. Tap him on the back or lay down beside him to create an additional feeling of peace and protection.

Now enjoy your free time, but remember: It's never recommended to leave a baby unsupervised. The mom on the video handles this tip like a pro! Give it a try, this may be just the very solution you need! 

Note, that before using this method, consult the doctor, and make sure it is safe for your own baby. 

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