Teen Writes Touching Notes To Her Mom: "Open When You Miss Me" Just A Year Before She Dies In A Car Crash

Date August 28, 2018

When Cindy Mathis received a touching birthday present from her daughter, she had no idea how much they would mean to her.

16-year-old Macy Mathis and her boyfriend, Adam Sattler, 18, were killed in a car crash about a year after Macy gifted her mother with 25 letters marked for different occasions. The couple was found less than a mile away from Mathis’ house.

The girl died five days after the accident, leaving her mother heartbroken.

The mother-daughter bond was special, as Cindy revealed, her daughter knew her too well. The oldest of 4 children in the family, Macy helped take care of three brothers.  

Mathis had a very special reason to appreciate their connection. In her early age, she had to endure many life challenges including living on the streets and in a foster home, according to Today. Her daughter was a true blessing and the sunshine that lit her life.

When mommy turned 35, Macy decided to write special notes to let her know how much she loved her. “When you can’t sleep”, “When you are excited”, “When you feel lonely,” – she wrote a heart-warming message to every shade of emotion.

But the one letter with a title “When you miss me” became the most special and the hardest one to open.

After her daughter’s death, Cindy found those notes, opening them one by one, and absorbing every word written on the paper.

I will always and forever love you, mommy. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

That letter became Cindy's only consolation.

Mathis believes Macy wrote those letters for a reason:

I feel like she knew. Maybe deep down, she knew, or maybe God told her.

Now, as Macy’s message to her mom went viral, Cindy is grateful and happy that her daughter could touch so many hearts with her wisdom, deep care, and a loving heart. “You told me you were going to travel the world and you are!” Cindy writes on her Facebook memorial page dedicated to Macy, sharing her girl’s spirit with the world.

The woman encourages others to do the same for their parents. "I am begging you, do this for your parents too", she said.

She knows better than anyone how powerful and comforting those loving words can be. 

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