The Most Important "Graduation": Premature Baby Finally Leaves Intensive Care Unit Dressed In A Cap And Gown

Date August 29, 2018

This adorable “graduation” video will change the way you think of graduation. This baby boy was finally discharged from the University of South Alabama Children's and Women's Hospital in Mobile, Alabama, after spending the first 160 days of his life there, fighting for his life.

The happy ceremony was arranged by the parents and the medical staff at the neonatal intensive care unit, who grew attached to each other after more than 5 months together!

Renee Rogers, the NICU's nurse manager, explained:

When it’s time to go home, it’s emotional not just for the families but for the staff as well.

The nurse carried Cullen Potter in an adorable graduation cap and gown, accompanied by ceremonial music! His mommy bought that outfit in a local Build-A-Bear store, as Cullen was still so tiny! That was the celebration of life to remember for years!

Cullen Potter was born at 22 weeks, weighing 13.9 oz, and had only a 2-percent chance of survival. In a Facebook post, the happy mother, Molli Potter, gushes about her healthy 5-month-old son and reveals it was hard to find a hospital that would agree to deliver such a premature baby.

My husband called 16 hospitals in 3 states to find one that would save him.

Mom credits the staff of the hospital for using those 2 percent and doing everything possible to save her baby’s life. Potter hopes to inspire other families in similar situations to carry on fighting for their babies’ lives:

I pray the more doctors and hospitals see stories like my sons and many more, that they will reconsider their policy and give all the babies the chance they deserve.

The little graduate left the facility with no major issues; now he is thriving, defying the odds and promoting happiness all around!

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