Baby Girl With Brain Tumor Shows An Amazing Recovery After Pope Francis Kissed Her On The Head

Date November 20, 2018 17:19

Having a sick baby is a heartbreaking experience these parents had to endure.

Little Gianna Masciantonio was born with a rare blood disease that triggered the growth of a tumor in her brain.

For the first year of the baby’s life, all her mother could do was pray, as the numerous chemotherapy sessions didn’t seem to work. The doctors gave them very little hope, and the parents felt desperate.

Until one day, when the family decided to go and meet Pope Francis. He was visiting Philadelphia and riding along the crowded street to greet Catholics from all over the state.

The Masciantonio family was one of the hundreds of thousands and they had never expected to have any interaction with the Pope. However, a miracle happened.

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As the Pope approached, one of the bodyguards took Gianna and brought her to the Pope, he leaned down and kissed the baby on the head.

That was a moment of sheer happiness for the parents. “Oh my God!” shouted the father, overwhelmed with emotions. He had his reasons.

Within the next few months, the baby girl started showing improvements. From August till November, the brain tumor dramatically decreased in size.

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Inside Edition / YouTube

The mother shows the X-Ray of the baby’s head: “You can hardly see it (the tumor) now!”

Inside Edition / YouTube

After the meeting with the Pope, Gianna had a few more chemo sessions, but her parents are certain it was Pope Francis’ kiss that had a healing power.

When you have faith, everything is possible! This family had a chance to experience the most amazing miracle – their daughter’s recovery.

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