Not A Movie Plot: Sydney Mum Gave Birth To 3 Babies In 11 Months

Date July 11, 2019

The first-time mother of a baby girl faced the most unpredictable surprise ever when she realized she was pregnant again - only six weeks after welcoming her first child.

In January, a little girl, Charlie, was born. Only 6 weeks later, a newly-coined mom realized something was wrong. In about 9 months down the line, two baby boys, Wolfe and Jack, completed the Curby's family.

When adorable Charlie was born, she was as healthy as a horse. As the days and weeks passed by, however, her mother Eliza couldn't stop feeling ill.

Eliza Curby really enjoyed the miracle of motherhood, as it was her lifelong dream that finally came true. Her husband, Ben, was also happy about their lovely little princess.

However, despite all the euphoria the couple felt, Eliza couldn't stop thinking that something was a little off.

Shortly after welcoming Charlie, Eliza felt overwhelming fatigue. Though everyone attempted to convince her it was only a consequence of the whirlwind of motherhood, Eliza knew it was something different.

She remembers looking at her husband, Ben, and saying:

"I think I'm pregnant."

Though Ben thought it was a joke, it actually wasn't. Over the course of the following weeks, four pregnancy tests gave the verdict - Eliza was pregnant. Again.

We can just imagine how overwhelming the news was. Both Ben and Eliza were excited to be expanding their young family - Eliza a bit more so, probably.

Eliza's experience shows that there's no need to stop birth control right after giving birth. Though women believe they cannot get pregnant while they are breastfeeding, they actually can.

This phenomenon is referred to as 'Irish twins', and women who experience it go through two pregnancies in one year. It may sound like a miracle, but it is likely quite exhausting for the new mom.

Little Wolfe and Jack joined the family in December - what a wonderful Christmas Eve gift! They topped off an incredible year for a young yet happy couple!

Eliza realizes how blessed she is to welcome healthy babies. Although she gained some considerable weight, she remained in good health and had three problem-free straightforward births.

At the end of the day, Eliza appreciates the miracle of motherhood. Despite the lack of sleep and the large amount of work that falls onto her shoulders, she is grateful for the joy of giving birth to three wonderful kids!

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