Husband Plants 1,000s of Trees to Honor His Late Wife - 17 Years Later, His True Intention Revealed in Aerial Photo

Date May 31, 2018

Winston and Janet Howes had a relationship that most people could only dream of. It was love at first sight, and nothing could stop it! As the days of their relationship story passed, their love was becoming just stronger.

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Back in 1962, Janet and Winston got married and moved to an amazing farmhouse located in the countryside of England. Just in a while after the two moved to the house of their dreams, Janet welcomed a son.

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Winston's land and farm flourished, just as his miracle-like relationship with his wife, Janet! Fortunately, their son was as healthy as a horse, and life seemed to be incredible for the happy family! However, everything collapsed in a single moment - the moment Janet suffered from heart failure and drew her last breath.

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In a flash, everything came crashing around Winston Howes - his wife passed away in just 50 years of age. Though Winston didn't know how to keep on living without his loving wife, he and his son did their best in healing themselves.

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Some months after Janet's too-difficult-to-bear passing, Winston got an idea. Even though he could never make her come back, he could honor her in the most touching and emotional way.

Winston knew how dearly Janet loved the meadow located by their family home, so he decided to create the place his son and he could visit to remember her on the hardest of days.

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Winston's touching tribute to his late wife remained a huge secret for years until one hot air balloonist made a flight above their rural house. It was pilot Andy Collett who unraveled up a mystery hidden behind Winston's intentions. When the pilot flew over Winston's house and looked down, he couldn't believe his eyes.

For years, Winston had been planting thousands of trees to decorate the meadow his wife dearly loved in the most extraordinary way! He had planted a giant heart-shaped forest surrounding Janet's favorite meadow.

Although the pilot had never met Winston and had no clue why the heart was in the forest, he understood that a big love story was behind it.

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Winston secretly planted thousands of large oaks around the heart-shaped meadow and then created a hedge around it. Every year, the man plants daffodils, which bloom in the heart-shaped forest. The view is breathtaking!

An emotional man explains that the idea to plant a heart-shaped forest was 'a flash of inspiration'. When it appeared, he didn't know it would cause this forest to move thousands of people to tears! 

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There's no doubt - Winston chose the most beautiful way to pay tribute to his late wife! What do you think?

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