Like Mother Like Daughter: Little Girl Born With A White Patch Of Hair Exactly Like Her Mum’s

Date June 5, 2018

We don't know what the possibilities for 4 people in 1 family having the same trait passed genetically are, but we're pretty sure that the odds are quite slim. 

Even so, that's exactly what happened when Brianna Worthy, based in Ridgeland, South Carolina, welcomed her baby girl. The little princess, named MiliAnna, had a very distinctive feature - a patch of white hair, similar to that of her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. 

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Brianna Worthy / Facebook

The girl's hair color is pretty unique, and that's for a good reason - it's caused by a rare condition called poliosis. The condition causes an insufficient pigmentation in the skin and the hair surrounding it - that's why that white patch appeared.

Brianna Wirthy / Facebook

In fact, poliosis is a decrease in, or the absence of, melanin in the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, or any other area of the body covered by hair. The condition can cause single or multiple patches of silver-like white hair. 

Brianna Worthy / Facebook

MiliAnna is the fourth generation in her family to have a distinctive birthmark, which is also visible on her great-granny, 59-year-old Jaonne, and granny, 41-year-old Jennifer.

Brianna Worthy / Facebook

At the moment, the family isn't sure how far back this distinctive feature goes. The baby girl's mother, Brianna, says that her grandmother was adopted as a child, so she doesn't know anything about her biological family, and about the origins of their unique birthmark. 

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Brianna Worthy / Facebook

Brianna has always been hoping that her daughter would also have the distinctive trait. As one of Brianna's younger sisters didn't have it, the soon-to-be mom wasn't sure if her daughter was going to inherit it. Luckily, when MilliAnna was born, Brianna saw the patch of white hair on her head - and she was absolutely over the moon!

Brianna Worthy / Facebook

Soon after the miracle girl's birth, MilliAnna's show-stopping feature started to have some downsides, however. Brianna admitted that the family received too much attention from the media and from regular people, who stopped them regularly for a photo or question.

Brianna Worthy / Facebook

However, this attention is not that bad, to be honest. Brianna grew up with the belief that her hair was the trait that made her unique. The woman plans to raise her girl with the same attitude, just to make her feel special, ignoring the brutal comments people sometimes say. 

Brianna Worthy / Facebook

What a beautiful and rare outlook! MilliAnna is lucky to have a mother that understands her needs and embraces the very unique trait they both have inherited!

Brittany Worthy / Facebook

Hopefully, one day there will be no anger and rude comments in the world, especially toward such beautiful and unique people as Brianna and her little princess, MilliAnna. 

Source: DailyMail

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