Little Boy Can't Stop Cracking Up During His Music Class - And His Laughter Is Utterly Contagious!

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June 11, 2018 14:31 By Mambee

It's no secret that kids have a knack for finding some entertainment where there seems to be none. As a good example, look no further than this little boy in a blue shirt, who thinks that there's nothing funnier than clapping his hands along a simple folk song played on the acoustic guitar.

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The laughter of a kid can light up an entire room in a matter of a few seconds. Not only did the laughter of this boy bring joy to his music teacher, but the little boy has also managed to put smiles on the faces of more than 5.5 million people on social media.

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The kids in the music class were singing the song 'Clap Your Hands Together', which requires the children to clap until the teacher says 'Stop.' When the teacher asks the kids if they are ready for the song, the boy in a blue shirt shouts enthusiastically 'Yeah!'

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The boy breaks into a wide smile while clapping along with other kids, but when the music teacher says, 'Stop!' that's the moment all fun really starts. For some reason, the little boy thinks that clapping his hands is hilarious and laughs in the most joy-filled manner timaginable to warm up the millions of hearts.

The boy's laughter keeps growing every next time the teacher yells, 'Stop!'

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Sara Shonfeld Musical Minds / YouTube

The boy breaks into peals of contagious, uncontrollable laughter, and it only increases as the tempo of the song speeds up.

Sara Shonfeld Musical Minds / YouTube

As the pace increases, the kids' teacher, Sara Shonfeld, asks the class 'Do you want to go faster?' The little boy says 'yeah' again, and his enthusiasm is infectious.

At one point, the laughter becomes so hard that his friend gives him a hug to calm the little giggler down.

Sara Shonfeld Musical Minds / YouTube

Though the video is cut off after 80 seconds or so, we suspect this optimistic guy may still be there, laughing historically.

It's unclear exactly what made the little boy laugh so hard, but his chortles of glee are contagious, and the video will have you laughing along with him! Just check it out: 

Kids are masters when it comes to entertainment, aren't they?

Source: DailyMail, Metro, Shareably

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