Stranger Asked Mom To Cover Up Her Daughter's Missing Arm On The Playground As It Scares Other Kids

Date August 10, 2019 02:19

Parents of children with special needs are often worried about their kids' communication with others, as sometimes people can be not tolerant and even aggressive towards children, who are different from all the others.

Sometimes other people's words can hurt parents of such children, but unfortunately they face unrespectful reality every day. Why some people are so rude?

Sarah once shared her story on Facebook, and it went viral right away. It happened when she was spending some free time with her daughter Gracie on the playground. Suddenly, a stranger came closer and asked her to cover up her daughter's missing arm.

The stranger said that it scares other children.

But Sarah considers her daughter to be perfect. And she is indeed so adorable!

I WILL NOT hide her she is far to perfect for that.

The whole story started when the little boy took interest in Gracie's small arm.

His mom said that Gracie's arm should be covered. The little girl was wearing a short-sleeved dress at the time.

I was so angry I just gathered up the kids and left. I didn't trust myself to respond.

Now, she tries to avoid playgrounds and other public places.

People don't know what to say. I don't know if they feel awkward but it's cruel to allow that bullying and it's the parents I blame not the kids.

Sarah sees her daughter as a tough and brave young girl. For now, Gracie is too young to realize her limb difference.

Little Gracie is absolutely beautiful and should not be made to feel anything less.

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