Deaf Baby Has The Sweetest Reaction After Hearing Mom Say “I Love You” For The First Time

The connection between a mother and her baby is probably one of the strongest ties there is. They can feel each other’s support and love, and the mother’s voice can sometimes do miracles. This baby had a chance to hear her mother’s voice for the first time in life, and the reaction will make you cry.

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When Charly was born, her parents started noticing that she didn’t respond to certain voices and noises. After a little while, they took her to the hospital for a hearing test, and the result was shocking: Their baby was deaf and needed the special hearing aid.

© Christy Keane / YouTube

After getting the device, Charly’s parents decided to record the first moment of her hearing her mom’s voice. But nobody was prepared for such a heartbreaking reaction.

© Christy Keane / YouTube

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On the video below, the beautiful baby girl Charly hears her mom say “I love you” for the first time. Of course, she is too small to speak a word, but her facial expression says everything. It is so heartwarming and touching!

It was indeed an overwhelming experience for  baby Charly. Of course, she would hear lots of different voices and noises from that day on, but that special moment will always stay in her heart.

Now, she can hear her mother’s voice every day and we are so happy for her!

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Source: Christy Keane / YouTube, Christy Keane / Facebook