This Family Pulled Off The Best Pregnancy Announcement Ever: They All Dressed As Dinosaurs

Date October 16, 2018 14:16

This is arguably one of the best themed pregnancy announcements ever. These days, parents usually go all the way when announcing the birth of a child. Thanks to social media, everyone also gets to see it.

Even though we see a lot of themed pregnancy announcements, it’s not every day you see a dinosaur-themed one. This idea was perfect and the family definitely raised the bar. It’s hard not to ask the question: What was going on in their minds? Wouldn't you like to know what brought about this beautiful idea?

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The Photoshoot

The photoshoot was goofy, funny, and beautiful. The family of six – mom, dad, and their four kids – were all dressed up in T-rex costumes. The shoot was taken on a stormy and rainy day, but the family made sure the weather did not discourage them from having a perfect photo shoot.

Once they were done taking pictures in their costumes, they removed their dinosaur skins and had some freestyle shots. Thanks to the photographer and special effects, the pictures made them look like they were escaping from a real dinosaur.

What Led To The Idea

The expecting mother, Nicole Berkley, is due to welcome her fifth child in April. Nicole is a professional photographer who takes cute pictures of babies and their expecting mothers. According to Nicole, she was tired of seeing the same theme over and over again, so she decided to go big and get photographer Susan Garrett to document her experience.

“With this being our fifth child and not our first time announcing a pregnancy, I just really felt kinda past the cutesy, generic pregnancy announcement photos that everyone does nowadays.”

The mother of five also said since the family are big fans of Jurassic World, so the theme suited them. We can totally understand that. Another reason for this idea, according to Nicole, is that this baby might be their last one. Another reason to do it right, then.


People’s reaction to the pictures on social media was amazing and this was totally expected. Everyone had something nice to say about the shoot. Hopefully, the Berkleys' fascinating photoshoot will inspire others and bring us to a new era of interesting themed pregnancy announcements. 

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