Mother And Meteorologist Susie Martin Promotes Baby Wearing As She Wears Her Son To Work

Date October 11, 2018

Meteorologist Susie Martin did something adorable while she reported the weather news. The mother not only brought her child to work: She also decided to wear her kid while she did the forecast segment. As she gave the weather news, her toddler could be seen enjoying himself trapped cutely behind his mother’s back.

What is the International Baby Wearing Week?

The international babywearing week was created to celebrate and share awareness about the importance of babywearing. According to researchers, there are various benefits that can be gained by mothers who wear their babies as often as possible.

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Some advantages of babywearing



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Healthy baby: Wearing babies can create a very positive constitution for the children, including premature babies and babies with unique needs. Being close to the mother at such tender age can make the baby healthier.

Happy child, happy mother: Wearing your kid allows you and the kid to bond more deeply, play and chuckle together. Because of this, the baby cries less often because it feels more content, thus making the mom happy, too. 

Confident parents: As mentioned before, wearing your kid while you work in the house or at the office allows parent and child bonding. This can therefore improve your sensibilities when it comes to recognising your child's mannerisms and, consequently, it makes you a better parent. Research also shows that, as a result, not only can parents know their kid better which, but the habit can also enhance their confidence when it comes to raising and providing for their kids.



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Most parents do not know these details, and that is why there is a need to raise awareness through the International Babywearing Week.

Susie Martin going on her show with her adorable special guest was the cutest thing ever, and it showed how important being a mother is to the newscaster. The video of the doting mother has since gone viral with over a million views.

Hopefully, Susie was able to send out the message of babywearing through her thoughtful act on the show, since many people reacted positively to her gesture. 

We are sure that many people will be wearing their toddler to work next chance they get!

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