This Michigan Couple Had The Surprise Of Their Lives When A Second Baby Popped Up In The Delivery Room

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October 11, 2018 12:07 By Mambee

The experience of giving birth is different for every mother, but we all have the choice of deciding where and how we want to have our baby. Would you rather have your baby at home or would you prefer to have it in a hospital? Mathew and Nicole decided on a natural birth at home, and they had the scare of their lives.

Meet Nicole And Mathew

Mathew and Nicole are a Michigan couple who, to their ultimate surprise, recently welcomed twins. The couple had their first shock when their baby, who wasn’t due until over four weeks later, decided to pop up early. According to Mathew, who took to his Facebook page to narrate the occurrence, he and Nicole decided to have a home delivery through natural birth.

How Did Their Plan Pan Out?

Unfortunately, the couple had to call their mid wife earlier than expected when Nicole went into labour before the due date. Because they wanted a natural birth and decided against having an ultrasound, they were definitely not prepared for what came after. For starters, they had to change their mind about the birth and rushed with Nicole to a hospital. 

About 48 hours after Nicole was admitted to the Gerber Memorial Hospital, in Fremont,  she gave birth to a daughter, Blakeley Faith Zeisemer. This was a relief to everyone present, since it was a long and hard labour.

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What Happened Next?

After the baby was delivered, the doctor, Megan Forshee, was trying to get the placenta out when she spoke the words that left everyone in the room in awe – there was another head. Nicole and Mathew went to the hospital to have a baby, there were actually two. Cade Mathew Ziesemer was born just an hour after the birth of his sister.

Cade not only came as a surprise to his parents but also to the entire hospital. Mathew shared the video of their surprised family after realizing they were having twins.

Blakeley was healthy and was doing fine after birth, but Cade had some issues with breathing. This was due to him being pushed out quickly during birth.

Mathew has since said that both babies and their mother are fine and doing well. It might take a while to adjust to having a surprise baby, but Mathew and Nicole are doing great with their bundles of joy.

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