Autistic Nonverbal 5-Year-Old Girl Says Her First Word On Th

Autistic Nonverbal 5-Year-Old Girl Says Her First Word On The Way To Have Dinner

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September 20, 2018 15:46 By Mambee

A five-year-old girl called Taylor has outstanding beauty and nonverbal autism. Her mother, Briana Blankenship, was told that her girl might never say a word in her life. It didn’t stop her mom from loving Taylor and sharing the joy of life with her. On her Facebook page, she posts photos of her little princess constantly tor mark little happy moments, such as a new dress.

One day Briana was riding to get some French fries for dinner and, suddenly, she heard something both unbelievable and heartbreaking.

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Mother and daughter were running late to the gymnastics class, which was the part of the “thinking outside the box” program for Taylor. It was a busy day, so they had to pick up some fast food if they wanted to eat something. On the way to the fast food place, Briana had heard something she had never hoped to hear in her life.

It was a truly memorable moment. The excited mother had to stop in the middle of the drive thru and the line of hungry people had to wait until Briana had filmed her very first conversation with her daughter, who'd said ‘mama’. Her giggling and excitement were adorable.

“We rarely eat fast food, so she recognized that she was about to get her coveted French fries and started getting excited and giggling in the back seat. That’s when I heard her say it.”

Briana shed tears of happiness right there in the parking lot. It was a rare moment of true happiness. On her Facebook page, she wrote:

I can't explain how unbelievably grateful and ecstatic I am right now!

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Briana says that they have been working for the last two and a half years to bring her baby to her current stage. Who knows? Maybe she will be able to talk to her classmates and teachers as well in the nearest future. Her family and teachers have never lost hope, and they probably won't after what they have just been happy to see.