Baby Girl Was Born With 'Batman mask' Birthmark Covering a Third Of Her Face, But Parents Love Her

Date July 31, 2018

All of us have bigger or smaller birthmarks. It is natural and created by nature. This is, however, a mature perspective. To get there, a person has to go through a childhood which may be filled with self-esteem issues and even bullying.  

A baby girl was born with a birthmark that covers a third of her face. It can either be seen as incredible luck because it makes her look like a superhero or it may grant her with plenty of difficulties in life. 

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Lacey Jackson, 35, was happy to give birth and hear her baby’s first cry. She said:

“Hearing her first cry was so special. Then the nurse lifted our girl up, after my C-section, and I saw the big black mark on the left-hand side of her face.”

At first, Lacey was worried about the baby’s condition, but after doctors had comforted her, she started to think about what people will say. Although It does not interfere with her health, it will certainly make it harder for the girl to make friends, be social, and interact with society in general.

“At that moment, I decided we would love her so much and give her all the confidence in the world, to make sure she could see how beautiful she is – and how she can achieve anything she wants.”

Indeed, her Facebook account is overwhelmed with photos of her baby girl. The audience seems to react positively and supportive of the unusual appearance of the baby.

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The couple already has two kids, four- and seven-year-old boys. They seem to be happy having a super sister. 

The birthmark doesn’t affect any other aspect of her life and health. Her parents believe that it is good to be different and that her look will make her a stronger person.

Source: Lacey Jackson/Facebook, Mirror