Conjoined Triplets Macey, Mackenzie, and Madeline Earned Fame: Here’s How They Look 16 Years Later

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July 31, 2018 16:34 By Mambee

The conjoined twins born with a triplet sister is only the  second known case in the world. The children were adopted by Darla and Jeff Garrison, who took on the responsibility of parenting. Their natural parents couldn’t take care of the girls because of their drug addiction. Madeline, the conjoined twins' sister, came the last, five minutes after her conjoined sisters. However, today, at the age of sixteen, she looks like an older sister. 

The couple, who showed nobility by adopting the girls, already had three teenage sons. Becoming an older brother was comparable to love at first sight for one of them. It was the first sign that the girls were  going to be treated with love.

Although genetically identical, the girls have developed different personalities. “Macey would suck Mackenzie’s thumb while Mackenzie would suck Macey’s. It was always a source of comfort for them", said Darla. 

Macey and Mackenzie were the rarest type of conjoined twins, which made their separation very dangerous. Fortunately, they were successfully separated in Los Angeles in 2003. Dr. James Stein, head pediatric surgeon, said: “To be able to do this type of complex surgery is kind of a dream come true, but there are a lot of things that could go wrong”.

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After 16 years of hard work, Dr. Stein proclaimed their progress to be immensely inspiring. Girls are living normal teenage lives and remain committed to each other and their family. 

The family lives on a farm in Indianola, Iowa. Apart from their six children, the family also have pets. Previously conjoined twins are helping their mother with the household. In the fall, the girls have entered the fifth grade without experiencing any intellectual differences with their peers. 

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Mackenzie was always interested in activities. First, she wanted rollerblades. After she finally gave up the idea, she became obsessed with a bicycle. Darla said that they were going to make that dream come true. 

The girls are always smiling, attending school and enjoying life together. Despite all the obstacles they have faced, Macey and Mackenzie have a normal life. They look pretty and happy as any other 16-year-old.  Keep it up, girls!. 

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