Hurt Mum Of Child With Down Syndrome Calls Out Companies To Feature Disabled Kids In Their Advertisements

Date September 13, 2018 16:50

We live in a world where people with disabilities are stigmatized on a daily basis. They face prejudice at school, at their workplace, and in public places. They are made to believe that is how life truly is! This would have been the case to little baby Asher, but for the intervention of his brave mother.

Meagan Nash, Asher's mother, felt the stigma herself at the hands of a talent agency. The proud mum came across a casting call for a kids’ clothing brand, Carter’s, back in July. Knowing her son fit all requirements, Meagan sent photos of Asher to the agency, but she didn’t get a callback.

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Curious, Meagan took the bold step to reach out to the talent agency to find out why they had not heard back from them. To her utter disappointment, the talent agency admitted not having submitted Asher’s photos and cited his disability as a reason. The agent responded to her saying:

“I did get the submission, but I did not submit because the criteria did not specify that they were looking for a baby with special needs.”

Instead of the agent’s harsh response becoming a deterrent, it only fueled her fury. She further questioned the agent, asking whether the ad specially required kids without special needs, and the agent answered no. Although the agent apologized to Meagan for the incident, she didn’t allow it to stop there, as she made the decision to lend her voice to kids with disabilities. The mother-of-two took to Facebook  and share a photo of cute Asher with OshKosh, a subsidiary of Carter’s, which was the company whose ad Asher applied for earlier. She called the company out, asking for them to use Asher in their ad.

It took less than a day since Meagan shared that post for it to go viral, and she did get a call from OshKosh. Meagan and Asher are said to have met with a representative of OshKosh and Carter’s to discuss the importance of including children with disabilities in their adverts.

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Far greater than the hurt Meagan felt when Asher was rejected by the talent agency, the concerned mother wanted more than anything to create a safe world for her son. She wants him to experience all that goes on in the world. She dreams of a time when people can recognize him for who he is and not for his condition.

Being the face of a major children's clothing company definitely puts Asher out there, and this allows the voice of all children born with Down Syndrome to be heard!

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