'He Weighs Almost As Much As A 6-Month Old': Mom Gives Birth To Baby So Big That Nurses Thought The Scale Was Broken

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June 25, 2018 15:40 By Mambee

No matter how much information we are able to get about an unborn child, there always seems to be one thing or two to take us by surprise on the day the baby arrives.

Whitney Hallet / Facebook

For these parents, their little boy turned out to be much bigger than anyone, including the doctors, expected.

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Whitney Hallet / Facebook

In 2017, Whitney Hallet and her husband, Edmond, got the shock of their lives when the mom gave birth to a 16-pound baby they named Waylon.

Waylon Hallet / Facebook

According to Edmond, the doctors and nurses were absolutely amazed. Speaking to Us Weekly, the proud dad revealed they had to weigh the child three times because no one could believe it.

Waylon Hallet / Facebook

"At first I thought maybe the scale was broken," he told the publication. Baby Waylon was almost the same size as a 6-month-old.

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Waylon Hallet / Facebook

This was Whitney's fourth child and the heaviest, hands down. Her other babies weighed 8 pounds, 11 pounds, and 14 pounds respectively.

Waylon Hallet / Facebook

Baby Waylon's size was so unexpected that the dad had to quickly run out to buy 6 to 9-month-old clothes for his son. It was immediately clear that there was no way the baby would fit into the newborn clothes they already had for him.

Waylon Hallet / Facebook

When Whitney was pregnant, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. The condition, which is not all that uncommon, meant that there was a high likelihood that she would give birth to a heavy baby.

However, Waylon was way bigger than the mom could have possibly imagined. In fact, she was pretty sure her newborn was one of the largest in the world. 

The baby did have some complications due to his size, especially relating to his breathing. He had to be put in the NICU for a few weeks, but he soon recovered completely and is now a happy, healthy little boy.

Even though their baby turned out to be a little bigger from what they had imagined, Edmond and Whitney considered Waylon an absolute blessing. 

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