Woman Who Lives With Her Husband, Ex-Husband, His Girlfriend And Their 6 Children Says They Are All One Big Happy Family

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August 10, 2018 11:45 By Mambee

A woman shares some fascinating details about how her blended family works. And, truly, it's one for the ages.

The benefits of coming together

After a divorce, many couples who have kids sometimes struggle with a lot of rules, especially regarding what would happen when both spouses move on to marry people. Blended families happen when these adults decide to live together even after they have formed new relationships. 

While it may require some adjustments, according to Child & Youth health, it can be very beneficial for the kids because these arrangements provide love, security and support for them and the parents involved.

Katie's story

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Katie Blackmer must know all about the benefits of blended families because that's exactly what she is practising. Sharing her story with LoveWhatMatters, she said that she and Stephen got married when they were both 20 years old. They went on to have three children together. Their marriage did not work out, however, and they got divorced a few years later.

Things were not very smooth after the divorce at first. There were a lot of fights and arguments. But, at some point, they decided to let go of the hurt and move on. 

In 2016, Katie got married to Ben and they blended their families. Katie's children and Ben's son from a previous marriage lived with the couple. As time went on, Katie and Stephen became better at peaceful co-parenting. In fact, by 2017, Katie, Ben, and Stephen were hanging out as friends.

In May of the same year, Stephen was involved in a car accident. Thankfully, he survived but needed round-the-clock care. Katie and Ben then decided that he should come live with them. They both stepped up to help Stephen recover and, by the time that happened, he had already considered their home as his home.

Stephen then met a woman named Brandy, who already had two kids. She also moved in with the family. Right now, both couples live in the house with six children. Katie and Brandy are very close and the kids love having both their parents around and their bonus mom and dad too.

Katie admitted that it has not always been perfect. There have been disagreements but, for the most part, everyone has learned how to communicate better and all arguments are easily handled.

If someone would have told me three years ago that one day I would be living with my husband, ex-husband, his girlfriend and her two children, I would have laughed at them! I know this sounds crazy to most but looking back over the past few years, I wouldn’t change any of this for anything in this world! Our children are happy, we are happy.

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Katie isn't the only one

Callynth of Callynth Photography also shared his blended story family with Love What Matters. He and his wife, Brittany, have made peace with their respective ex-spouses for the sake of their children. And they have now found a strong way to bring their families together.

Just like any other family, we imagine blended families also take a lot of work. Based on these stories, though, it's pretty clear that communication is the key to solve most issues.

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