Horrifying Video Shows 17-Month-Old Baby Drowning In A Family Swimming Pool. Then His Mom Runs As Fast As She Can

Date June 21, 2018 17:30

In America, downing is the leading cause of death in children under 4 years old. Most of the accidents could have been avoided with proper precautionary measures!

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The mother of the 17-month-old boy is happy that the accident did not end up in a death in their family. Her son, Elijah, fell into the outdoor swimming pool and was under water for more than 5 minutes.   

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Tanah Zuniga, from Fort Worth, Texas, pulled her baby from the water when he had turned blue already and looked absolutely lifeless.

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The horrifying footage shows how exactly it happened.

Elijah and his 2-year-old cousin were wandering in the yard, while their mothers were staying in the house. The parents were not aware that the children had gotten up and sneaked out from their bedroom to go outside.

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Jaelyn climbed up the ladder to the pool and encouraged the toddler to follow. After Elijah fell into the water, the older boy tried to pull him out but realized it was a hard job, so he walked back into the house.

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Zuniga told DailyMail that her nephew came into the kitchen and pointed to the backyard, saying “Elijah”.

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That was when the mom realized that her son was in the pool. She ran to him as fast as possible. Her sister tried to resuscitate the child, as she had a medical training, while Zuniga dialed 911.

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She shared her terrifying experience on her Facebook page, saying that she kept praying every second until help arrived.

I dropped to my knees I knew my baby had no life in him and I knew the only one that could change that was God and I prayed I prayed and with authority begged like I had never begged before for him to bring my baby back.

The child is doing fine, as he recovered from the accident. Whatever it was, the good luck, the Goodwill or the fast medical attention, the baby was brought back to life!

In order to avoid similar incidents in your family, it is necessary to take precautions and make your home safe for children. Using all available means of protection can save your child’s life.

Source: ABC News / YouTube

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