The Bully Teacher Was Abusing The 8-Year-Old Girl In Front Of The Classmates. When She Could Not Bare It Anymore, She Came Up With A Well-Deserved Revenge

Date May 29, 2018

A teacher is one of the most important role models that children can have, especially when they become teenagers.

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However, not all the educators understand that. Unfortunately, some of them dare bully children because of their low academic performance.

No wonder this video went viral as it outraged millions of Internet users. The English teacher from a Russian school was publicly humiliating an 8-year-old girl in front of her classmates.

As one of them was recorded a video of this heart-wrenching endeavor, we can see that girl had no other choice but to stand there and take her lumps.

Or did she? As the teacher’s anger reached its peak, he started to poke the poor kid in the head and push her shoulder. And that’s when the girl got defensive and kicked the man in the groin.



While cheering for the courageous little girl who stood up for herself, we are sorry she had to experience that horrible humiliation and abuse in the first place.

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People kept commenting, that he “deserved it”, sadly admitting that school children are often offended by teachers.

Bullying by teachers may cause some serious social and academic disorders. The kid’s self-esteem gets seriously damaged, and it also affects their normal cognitive functioning and social interactions.

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"You are not good enough", "stupid", and "useless" - those are some of the labels that teachers may put on children. 

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In most cases, reporting such cases seems hopeless. Schools need to pay more attention to the teachers’ professionalism and create an environment where children can feel safe.

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Violence makes us less human. Unfortunately, bullying remains a global problem and breaks too many young people's lives. 

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Source: SpicyRussia / YouTube