The Power Of Love: The 2-Month-Old Baby Who Fought With Meth In His System And A Broken Femur Finally Found Home

Date May 14, 2018

“Do as much good, to as many people as you can, today” – the favorite saying of this man from Texas is not just words, it is manifested in actions and a strong will to help others. Chas and Katie Shira live according to this motto and at one point of their lives, they decided to provide the good and loving home for a child in need, but they had no idea what challenge they were going to face.


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The couple shared the story with LoveWhatMatters, proving that kindness and love always win. Chas was working as a pastor in a small 100-population town O’Brien. After the life in a 100,000-population town, the new place seemed like a perfect environment to raise a child, and as the couple had been witnessing so much children’s hardship and suffering, they knew they wanted to adopt.

That one call changed their lives. Chas remembered, the agency in Fort Worth, 3 hours away, was asking them to take the 2-month-old baby, whose condition was in a sad plight.

So when our agency called, they literally asked us: ‘There is a two-month-old baby at Cook’s in Fort Worth, who is suffering from meth withdrawals, and has a broken femur; would you be willing to take him?’

The baby was registered in the hospital under the fake name, as he was the victim of a child’s abuse. He fought with methamphetamines in his system and was in the full body harness due to the broken femur.

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The little guy needed serious help and a loving family, and even though the Shira couple had the opposite plans for adoption, they agreed to provide little Jett with home and their full-time care.

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Taking care of a very sick baby is never easy, especially for those with no experience at all. Chas and Kati had to learn how to change the boy, wash him, feed him despite the harness all over him.

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The harness wrapped around both legs, but then was connected to his chest with straps, which also went over his shoulders. And again, he’s in the harness because his right femur is broken, so imagine them telling you to change his diaper but ‘not’ to touch his leg; impossible. 

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Additionally, the boy was suffering from the constant pain and all the simple routines that usually come naturally to a baby, were extremely difficult for Jeff. The physical pain was accompanied by a severe physiological trauma that needed much time to heal.

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However, the Shira family surrounded the little one with their ultimate and unconditional love and it paid off. Jett started to get better, his femur was healing, and his psychological condition improved. During that time they started to visit Jett’s parents who were done with the rehab and asked for the custody, but Chas could not give the baby up with no investigation on the child’s abuse.

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He received no answers on his requests, and the things continued to stay at their original cause for 18 months until there was a jury trial to determine where Jett would receive better treatment.

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After the long emotional toil and the tug-of-war with Jett’s parents and parental grandparents who requested a full custody as it turned out, Chas and Katie received the happy news. After the 821 days in foster care, they could finally adopt Jett. The little guy proved them how strong the power of love was.

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Now he thrives with a new family and makes them happy in the most amazing way! Chas Shira shared his emotional story in order to inspire others to do good for others, as it is the most rewarding thing ever.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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