Beautiful Butterfly Lands On Baby's Head And The Precious Moment Goes Massively Viral

Date June 15, 2018

We all enjoy our kiddos, especially firstborn ones. This couple can't get enough of their baby girl and that innocent facial expression she puts on when a beautiful butterfly lands on her head.

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Taking a picture like this butterfly shot is something we can only dream of!

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The beautiful butterfly, of a mesmerizing blue color, lands on the baby's head and flutters. It turns out that the baby's head was the best possible place to land on.

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Parents are heard laughing in the background, while the baby girl has no clue about what's going on.

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Though this butterfly's visit seems to be one of those coincidental moments that happen once in a blue moon, it actually is not. Many people believe that butterflies are mystical, symbolic creatures, and their visiting humans hides a great symbolic meaning.

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Native Americans are inclined to believe that butterflies always bring dreams, as they are the way greater powers make contact with us. Having a butterfly land on you means that good dreams will be joyful and calm.

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Many cultures worldwide believe that butterfly encounters bring joy because these tiny, beautiful creates are always fluttering around and enjoying everything their short life has to offer.

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That's the reason most people feel joy whenever they see a butterfly. We should never treat butterflies with apprehension. Instead, we should embrace their presence and feel how contagious their joy is.

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Transformation surrounds every new milestone of a butterfly's life. It undertakes major metamorphoses throughout its free-spirited journey on Earth. When a butterfly visits people, it symbolizes imminent change, which is likely to bring about significant joy.

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The Aztecs believe that the last breath of a human being takes the form of a butterfly because these insects can represent the rich spiritual world their culture embraces.

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May this unexpectable butterfly encounter bring the baby girl joy and positive changes which should follow her steps throughout the entire girl's life.