Father Turns His Seven-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom Into A Po

Father Turns His Seven-Year-Old Daughter's Bedroom Into A Portal To Jurassic Park

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July 27, 2018 09:53 By Mambee

A father’s love knows no bounds. Dads are always ready to do anything to surprise, amaze, and please their little princesses. Stagehand Lyle Coram is a proud representative of the father’s league from Las Vegas.

While other seven-year-old girls are playing with dolls and dollhouses, and riding pink bicycles with colorful ribbons, Lyle’s daughter, Shelby, is having fun with an incredibly realistic dinosaur in her bedroom. Her father took care of all the safety measures.

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Lyle installed a projector and other equipment to transform his daughter’s window into a portal to Jurassic Park. He has created a real playground for his daughter by making the dinosaurs responsive to movements. Shelby can play ball with her unusual pet.

Lyle Coram/YouTube

In spite of looking frightening, the window transformation makes the girl’s eyes shine with happiness. Lyle explains that his daughter has her birthday on Halloween. She has already got used to get such extraordinary presents.

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To bring his plan to life, Shelby’s father used an idea from AtmosFX.com. He is projecting the animation with a short throw projector and a rear screen. The girl will never be afraid of beasts with such an installation in her room.

Lyle Coram/YouTube


Lyle’s creativity is not limited to Jurassic Park. He had already pleased his daughter with other projects. Mr. Coram once spent three months installing equipment to the ceiling and walls of her bedroom to turn it into Disneyland. She had her own castle and fireworks for Christmas. Lyle explains that he had started with paint, but then an idea about stars made of optic fiber came to his mind. One splendid idea after another, he ended up with a castle and fireworks.

Creativity supported with true unconditional parent love leads to incredible things. Shelby will definitely bring the best memories of her childhood to her adult life.

Source: Lyle Coram/YouTube