Teenager Girl Who Gave Birth At 13 Astonishes Classmates By Bringing Her Charming Daughter To Prom

Date March 25, 2019

A teenage girl named Kayleigh Snaith got pregnant at the age of 13 and decided to keep her baby. This news can be frightening not only to other young ladies of her age, but also to their parents. Some adults thought that she had ruined her life, while schoolmates considered her to be outrageous.

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Kayleigh confesses that, indeed, her baby girl granted her with some hard times. It was tough to deal with exams and  sleepless nights next to the baby cot.


Another challenge for Kayleigh, from Stanley in County Durham, was hiding her condition from her parents and teachers. She managed to keep it a secret for half a year. However, after revealing the distressing news, she received considerable support from her mother and gave birth safely.

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A cheeky and cheerful baby girl came into this world in May 2016. Kayleigh named her Harley and proclaimed that she is the sunshine of her life. Due to all the support and love she received, the teenager felt happy and proud to become a mom. She says she was never ashamed of giving life to a human being.

Now Harley is two-years-old. Her young mom decided to celebrate finishing school with her daughter and to also show other teenagers that there is nothing to be ashamed of in being a mom. Kayleigh dressed Harley up in a white dress. She also wanted her daughter to feel like a princess and remember that she will always be surrounded with love.

Kayleigh is preparing for a studentship in September. She is going to study music in college. Imagine how many different lullabies little Harley will hear for the next few years!

There is another privilege every grownup wishes to have. When Harley turns 13, her mother will be a 26-year-old woman. There is a good chance they will become BFFs who look like sisters.

Having babies is the most rewarding experience of all! And we must not forget about the responsibility to raise them with love and support. Especially, when the family is growing unexpectedly, like it happened with this family in the video.

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