"They Get Rewarded For Being Good:" Mom Receives Mixed Reactions For Giving Her Kids Hundreds Of Pounds In Pocket Money

Date July 12, 2019 16:44

There's a general belief that, regardless of their status, parents should be careful about giving children too much money. When one woman talked about how much she "pays" her children for doing chores and being good, not everyone was on board.

Naomi Isted and her husband Haydn set up bank accounts for their four-year-old son Rocco and nine-year-old daughter Fleur. The mom also revealed that she gives her children hundreds of pounds to spend on whatever they want during the holidays.

Rocco and Fleur each get £15 per day on holiday and, as a result, Fleur has been able to afford such designer wears as Moschino jumpers and Nike trainers.

Naomi insisted that the money isn't handed out freely. She explained that her children are made to work for whatever she gives them and they start doing chores from the age of three.

Naomi says she treats her children to about four to five luxury holidays a year. During these vacations, she asks each child to use their own spending money.

I let them both have £150 to spend over 10 days, £15 per day, and suddenly they don’t want to when they think it’s their own money.

The mom also added that, when the kids want to buy a designer garb, she asks them to save up for it from their own money and she might put half in. In addition to their pocket money, Rocco and Fleur can also make withdrawals from their bank accounts.

If they want nice things, as long as they're kind and good to each other, they can get rewarded.

Naomi's methods received mixed reactions from Facebook users. Some of them understood and supported her.

But there were others who felt she wasn't really preparing her children for future success based on how easily she hands them money.

Regardless of the differing opinions, this mom believes she's doing what's right by her kids and teaching them financial responsibility.

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