Mom Who Wanted "Little Chubby Baby" Was Amazed To Welcome A 13-Pound Newborn

Date July 11, 2019 15:06

Many moms can't wait to hold their newborns in their arms. Pregnant women often imagine how their babies would look when they come out and there have been several situations in which they end up being very surprised when they meet the child. One mom experienced such unexpected amazement.

Natashia Corrigan, like many mothers, was excited to welcome a cute, healthy and chubby baby. But what she didn't see coming was just how big the baby would be. When little Brian Liddle Jnr arrived, he easily took the title of the heaviest baby born at Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg.

Brian Jnr weighed exactly 13.2 pounds with a length of 57 centimeters. His weight was basically double that of a regular newborn and the same as an average five-month-old.

Natashia said she had no clue her son would turn out to be that big. She said she had expected the child to weigh about 11 pounds maximum and seeing what her baby looked like was "surreal."

The mother was a little worried during childbirth when Brian's shoulder got stuck. More doctors rushed in to help and, thankfully, he was born safely. She was grateful to her partner, Brian Liddle, and sister, Kurriki Ellis, for helping her stay calm throughout the whole thing.

As for the baby's size, the mom couldn't be happier.

I've always wanted a big, chubby baby and now I've gotten what I want.

Of course, the size meant that the parents needed to buy new clothes for Brian Jnr, who was a little big for the infant clothes his parents had brought to the hospital.

Even though they were not quite expecting such a big baby, Natashia and Brian are still happy about their little blessing. And baby Brian got to start his life by breaking a hospital record. How cool is that?

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